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Doctor Ansem
20 April 2012 @ 08:56 pm
What a pity.

I was actually going to do a few further things here--have some personal reflections of a few characters, see Mao's point of view for a few things, but that turned out to make dragging this chapter dangerous. To that end I decided to end it while the going was good. Looks like you'll have to wait until next time.

"Ansem, you're revealing the motivations of your villain THIS early?!" You say. But slow down--you still don't know the whole story. Just like I mentioned before, Imamiah and pals have their own long conflict that started before this one, leading up to the current situation. Not to mention due to the length of the story and my pace, I don't get the luxury of throwing all my plot twists and character development late in the game, as crazy as this combination is.

"Ansem, how is Konoka Konoe NOT evil?! Do you see what she does to Setsuna on a regular basis?!" Ummm yeah, but Setsuna's dead and her soul's hiding in her ojou-sama's body. Nobody left to tease. Or IS there...

"Ansem, why aren't the demons teaching Konoka Pragmatic Villainy?"
>Disgaea Characters
pick one
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Doctor Ansem
19 March 2012 @ 09:24 am
Chapter 15: Red Moon

Happy birthday, Konoka! Enjoy my present, mwahahaha.

So as you can see, despite being very much dead, Setsuna is not out of the picture. She's not posthumous like Zegnant is, either, but she doesn't have a physical form. At the very least, this will keep Konoka from angsting about Setsuna endlessly, although it won't make her situation easier. Especially since everyone is now convinced she is some sort of yuri lecher. Thanks a lot, Secchan. 

I like world building--the problem is the fact that I hate writing lengthy description. I skim over things like that in most stories, so I often find that I rely on conversation. Short ways of building up the world throughout the story help, and it doesn't hurt that Negima has a huge world to build off of. I also need to remember that, despite the audience, I'm still trying to help with people that don't understand Disgaea. I have to appreciate the guys at TVTropes in helping me look at this, too!

Andras has her own history... as a matter of fact, Imamiah and several other characters have extensive history that has led up to the current conflict, just like Ala Rubra leading up to Ala Alba's current problems. The parallels Konoka has to Negi may grow more and more as I work on this. 

There are going to be some very interesting scenes in the next chapter. Personally, I wonder what you might think of a few characters after you see them.

Negima the manga is over, and while I'm disappointed at the way things ended in some aspects, I enjoyed the ride overall. This story will continue, and Konoka will continue to be awesome. There might be a more detailed rant about this later on.

...in light of ff.net having severe issue with notifs, I may take down and republish this chapter once the issue is finished.
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Doctor Ansem

It's back, dood. 

As for this chapter, my good old worry that "ZOMG TOO MANY CHARACTERS, THE READER WILL FLIP TABLE AND LEAVE" gets especially strong with chapters like this, and it was one of the reasons why this particular chapter took so long. Of course, I could stuff fight scenes here all day, but fight after fight would be boring, so the only person who got any elaboration was Laharl vs. the King of Dust.

I hope you're still paying attention. There's a hint on what the next arc is going to be about, outside of the location. Nope, I'm not telling you what it is, but it does focus on something only briefly touched on in the Negima manga at this point. I'm not sure who the actual dean of this sister school to Evil Academy is or should be, but the Demon Research Institute will have quite the role to play.

Why is Prinny K letting Konoka fall to this law? Well, Laharl is no fool. He's definitely got the double-speak going on--telling Konoka to have "a heart of evil" is also him telling her to "become a real overlord"--something that Prinny K can agree with. If and how Konoka picks up on that, you'll have to see in the coming chapters. 
Doctor Ansem
18 January 2012 @ 10:08 am
I might be moving to dreamwidth at this rate.

Also sorry for pitiful updates--real life has been--very irritating.

I think you might see a story update this week though. No promises.
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Doctor Ansem
28 September 2011 @ 04:21 pm
Because I'd rather not complain about underemployment, or divulge in secret perv projects. I do owe somebody a crossover chapter of their own Negima/Disgaea crossover, so maybe then...
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Doctor Ansem
04 July 2011 @ 12:04 pm
Chapter 13: Imamiah


Another setup chapter. This one passed around quite a bit of info, and I actually wanted to do a bit more slice-of-life-ish stuff for our pack of villainesses, except well--I'd be telling way too much of them far too soon. You can know that they are, for more or less, very nomadic entities, now that they've been pushed away from their homes.

There is a lot of room for exposition and fleshing out Laharl's memories of Imamiah, but I wanted to save that for a later date. The novels had Laharl a victim of his aunt's abuse--to explain why he loathes sexy bodies. It was downplayed there. Not so much here--it shows how well adjusted he is by not letting it get him down, as well as the Erinyes creed of crimes against family members being extremely loathsome.

So guise, think the description of the Sagen feels kinda familiar? Say hello to this that and enjoy, dood.

I think next time I'll be able to do a little more slice of life stuff after Ars Goetia's meeting, even considering how plot heavy the story's getting.

I may or may not expand upon these notes, especially considering that I almost rarely do NEXT EPISODE SEGMENTS and I srsly want to do them at some point, but don't feel like that being the sole reason to hold back a chapter, mirite?
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Doctor Ansem
18 May 2011 @ 06:01 pm

Yep. I'm introducing the mover and shaker of baddie mc evilness. Imamiah, the fallen angel of voyages. 

I once said that I wanted Mao to be the bigger antagonist of the story, but that hit a couple of problems. For one, he'd have to be responsible for a huge amount of bad stuff that happened to her throughout these past three years, and furthermore, he'd have to be a constant threat. It wouldn't be enough that he had Ala Alba under his thumb--Negi and Eva wouldn't let him get away with it. Not that he'd want to, because they are way too fascinating in his opinion. And a certain other character working behind the scenes would also have to relinquish the work they pulled off--a likely but not guaranteed thing Mao would do, especially since he's growing friendly with Negi.

Enter Imamiah.

She has the powers and abilities to have run alongside several of the nastier movers and shakers of the world--how she's connected I won't say because that'd be spoilers, but you already know she has a connection to Super Hero Aurum... our the uh-oh. I also wanted a villain who'd be in contrast to Konoka's overwhelming power--compared to her strength, most people who aren't overlords don't stand a chance overwhelming Konoka in pure power, especially if she'd get afraid of them. Most villains would have to use their guile to top Konoka--but it looks like Imamiah wants to top her quite literally, if you catch my drift.
Man, and perhaps the biggest thing of why Imamiah's going to be a huge problem? She sounds like Setsuna, but she's almost a direct opposite in personality--a nightmare to someone who's yearning for a guardian who may never come (or is around in a way she can't fathom). Fan reaction is largely going to determine if I write her more sympathetically or someone you love to hate--the pure villain roles will be going to Megalosembria Senate and King of Dust, if he can get himself surrounded by less idiots.
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Doctor Ansem
08 May 2011 @ 06:19 pm
For srs, this went up Thursday night.

Chapter 11: Even Deeper

And well, not too much to say that I didn't mention earlier at that page. Here, I'm dealing with Konoka meeting even more of the Erinyes, as well as the first appearance of the real troublemaker of this story. Just as a mere preview, but you'll see things get for srs in later chapters.

There was going to be a scene of Lunzard confronting Ars Goetia, but I felt that, since the only thing that would happen is that Mei would show him up, it'd be way too distracting, especially since the bigger issue at hand is Konoka's personal crises and Mao and Negi getting deeper into Konoka's heart.


Because Media Miner is fail, I'm making my deviantart account the backup spot where GHQ will happen. It's not being updated there to near the frequency that fanfiction.net will enjoy, but it will be posted up there, just in case ff.net goes down for some reason or another.

Chapter 12 coming in about a week and a half now. Enjoy.
Doctor Ansem
...and maybe there IS light at the end of the tunnel.

I hung out with friends and got to go to Distant Worlds, Final Fantasy concert down here in Atlanta. It was nice to be able to escape this freakin suburb life where I'm powerless and actually have a social life--as introverted as I normally am.

It feels better, to be honest, to be able to hang out with others and go to events and have fun. I yearn for the day I can have a real job and not deal with random amounts of fail--quite a bit of it self induced due to monotony and irritated laziness.

A little annoying that I can't reach anyone for mother's day, but at least they have my well wishes, and I at least have the slightest inkling of what they suffer.

But now that I have a better grasp on what I need to do, and what challenges that may be on my way, I can get to work.

Let's do this thing.
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Doctor Ansem
14 April 2011 @ 11:48 pm

To be honest, I wrote about 75% of the entire arc before I completed the first third. Why?

Mao and Negi's Excellent Adventure Overlaps with Ala Alba commentary, which alters the oblivious Konoka's thoughts. Yeah, you bet your ass there's going to be careful planning needed.

And oh yes, I get to introduce THE ERINYES. Like some inverted parody of Arume, Disgaea style, the all female fallen angels are here, notably for some mysterious deeds. Looks like they don't like Konoka either, though why that is I cannot spoil just yet. The Erinyes managing to sneak up on everyone also highlights a problem with the Gehenna generations: all the people that know what the hell is going on don't like the people who don't, even though the latter are the ones in power. When Konoka goes off to find Lunzard, she might find that she's too little, too late, and she's got to figure out the Erinyes motivation on her own.

The Erinyes themselves don't follow ALL the same rules of history. In history, they were three minor goddesses who avenged the dead, most notably children murdering parents (since they were born that way). D&D makes them... lawful succubi. Don't even know, dood. GHQ edition--well, you'll get the explanation once I finish the episode AFTER this three part arc, but know that they like avenging the wronged as well.
For some references on what the newbie angels look like:
Tayuya: Hey, remember Itsuwa from To Aru Majutsu no Index/A Certain Magical Index? Yeah, she is a much more gothic nod to that character.
Lirael: Just like Cygnus, it's always fun to recycle characters. Lirael is, just like always, an odd lookalike of Hagino/Ekaril from Blue Drop (anime)
Marie: ...but this time, her girlfriend follows her, in the hot-blooded Marie, albeit her tomboyishness is taken to hot-blooded extreeeeemes.
And there are more coming. Do enjoy.
Oh, for those who only look through here, I've got TVTropes page, more designed for keeping a tab on the characters:
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